French Mission and Project meets, October 2007
A full day meeting took place on October 18th at CNES Toulouse. The discussion gathered 40 people 25 enginners from CNES Toulouse and around 15 scientists from the research lab. The morning sessions were dedicated to the presentation of the status of the instruments and to the on-going mechanical, electronical and thermal works with a strong emphasis on the ScaraB and Saphir payloads. The afternoon was dedicated to the utilization of the data from the climate perspective to the retrieval techniques details going the original orbit of the Mission. The presentations of this afternoon are available here. The success of this MT day in Toulouse calls for another meeting of the kind to be organized before the launch.
Last Updated ( Thursday, 20 December 2007 )
Brazilian visit, September 2007
On september 17th, 2007, Luis Augusto Machado from CTPEC/INPE, Brazil visited CNES in Paris. Discussions took place in the morning and dealt with the interest of the brazilian meteorologists for real time reception of the Megha-Tropiques data. In the afternoon Dr Machado gave a seminar at LMD Jussieu on "Observational Studies in Tropical Region: A contribution to Nowcasting and Precipitation Estimation".
Last Updated ( Thursday, 20 December 2007 )
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