22 mai 2013. Overview of the water cycle from space for climate at the French Academy of Agriculture
Drs C Dardel, P Maisongrande and R Roca gave a series of presentations at the Academy to showcase where the development of the satellite observations of the water cycle stands. The conference was organized by Alain Perrier and Yves Brunet and gather the talks about the upcoming GPM constellation era (R. Roca), the multimission approach to the water budget (P Maisongrande) and the usage of satellite observations to diagnose and decipher the greening of the Sahel (C .Dardel).  For more details follow the link (in french) http://www.academie-agriculture.fr/detail-seance_328.html 
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2nd Announcement of workshop on Satellite Rainfall Validation Methodologies and Hydrological App.

The 1st MTGV workshop on Rainfall Products Ground Validation Methodologies and Hydrological Applications in the Tropics is now opened for abstract submission. More information is available at http://mtgv-ws1.sciencesconf.org/

See the second announcement here 

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 04 June 2013 )
8th to 10th of May 2013: 1st International CHUVA meeting in Sao Paolo, Brazil
From 8th to 10th of May 2013, A. Martini and N. Viltard participated in the 1st International CHUVA meeting in Sao Paolo, Brazil. The meeting was meant to discuss the first results from this series of field campaigns taking place in various regions of Brazil. The main purpose of CHUVA is to characterize the wide variety of the Brazilian climates and is thus an excellent test bed for rain validation. The main instrument of interest here is an polarimetric X-band radar that can be used for both product validation (rain) and algorithm validation (microphysics using Particles IDentification). Two presentations were given by the Megha-Tropiques representatives, one on product validation (Viltard et al) and one on algorithm validation (Martini et al.). 
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